Hire Resources

Hire Resources

If you are looking for wide pool of talented resources from India, ISquare should be your preferred outsourcing partner without a shred of doubt. Hiring the dedicated experts for your projects is a modern day necessity when you wish to make the most of this world of advanced technologies. Hiring the outsourced staff gives you the following advantages over hiring a permanent in-house staff.

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All social media strategy
Real time data analytics
Marketing management

Hire Resources

Cut your employment cost up to 60% compared to that of conventional in-house recruitment.

Hire the experts with your preferred skill-sets only.

Have your project completed on time with zero training cost.

Forget the staff perks, personal management, health, safety, appraisals and salary commitments.

Don’t pay for the infrastructure.

No payroll and HR burden.







UI/ UX Design 0

Development 0

Ilustration 0

Compatibility 0


At ISquare, we ensure that hired resource will work as an extension of your in-house team, having full control over work allocation, status reporting, monitoring and analysis. Our team of dedicated, skilled and proficient developers will work only on your projects under your direct co-ordination.

According to your requirements, you are free to hire a full time/ part time individual or a virtual team. You tell your requirements, and we’ll arrange the employment, training and resource management. So If you require extra resources to deliver your project, then hire the dedicated resources from ISquare and enjoy below benefits.