How do Logo affect your Brand Identity ?

The logo is the reflection of product/service essence and a showcase of your brand through an iconic mark or visual identity. It has to be more versatile, loud and visually impact, so…

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Search Engine Rankings

One of the most important aspects that need to be considered during website design is the SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The web designer or the web designing company must ensure that…

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Create Responsive Emails Without Media Queries

A really interesting way of providing responsive layouts without media queries. This is specifically for email clients because a lot of the most popular clients do not support media queries (like Gmail…

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Floating Button – New Design Trend

The floating action button is a lightweight, elegant, dynamic, fast and efficient assistant that aims to support the primary navigation and enhance user experience. Being just a small circular element that moves…

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How Website Speed Affects Rankings

First, if you expected that website speed influences your rankings big time, we need to clarify that this isn’t so. While the two are related, you won’t find a direct correlation –…

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SQL Optimization

Use views and stored procedures instead of heavy-duty queries. This can reduce network traffic, because your client will send to server only stored procedure or view name (perhaps with some parameters) instead…

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Content is king

You’ve heard the phrase, of course, “content is king.” Bill Gates first wrote those words in 1996 in an essay of the same title. These are excerpts from the essay: Content is…

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